Central Texans embrace cold front, unofficial start of autumn


by MORGAN CHESKY / KVUE News and Photojournalist JUSTIN TERRY


Posted on October 6, 2012 at 3:58 PM

Updated Saturday, Oct 6 at 7:14 PM

BASTROP COUNTY, TX (KVUE) -  On a calendar it's marked September 22nd. For most Central Texans, the fall season started with Saturday's cooler temperatures.

"It's that temperature shift that we all feel kind of in the beginning of October," said Andrew Taft, founder of Barton Hill Farms.

"Fall to me is better weather and good food," said smiling Cedar Creek resident Brad Jackson.

Between the hay bales, pumpkins, and kettle corn crews covering a serious expanse of Bastrop County farmland, the place could be downright divine.

"This is heaven, a little slice of heaven," grinned Taft.

Who knew heaven was just five miles west of Bastrop, at Taft's Barton Hill Farms? Crowds welcomed a cold front at their first fall festival. Of course no matter how cold it is, it's not officially fall until you find yourself stuck in the middle of the farm's five acre corn maze, that's not really corn.

"Not corn," explained Taft. "Sorghum Maze. Uses significantly less water and resources."

A green crop in more ways than one proved to be a challenge that couldn't be ignored.

"I thought it would be amazing," laughed maze-goer Jessy Heighway.  

Navigating five acres of sorghum may not have been easy, but for the families out Saturday it was the perfect way to welcome the new autumn season.

For more information on Baron hill Farm's Fall Festival click here

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