Austinites excited about X Games coming to Capital City


by JADE MINGUS / KVUE News and photojournalist DENNIS THOMAS

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Posted on July 17, 2013 at 6:53 PM

AUSTIN -- With the X Games coming to Austin next year. The news is stirring up excitement among Austin's skating community, though the games feature many other events as well.

Part athletes, part daredevils; local skaters frequently practice what drives them at House Park in downtown Austin.

"The adrenaline rushing through your body when you're trying to get a lot of air," 10-year-old skater Colton Harty said.

"They show up and do gnarly tricks that you never think would be possible. It's just innovative," Aaron Massock, another skater said.

Soon Massock will be able to watch the pro's who inspire his moves.

"I was super stoked," Massock said.

This May, X Games athletes will compete in Austin over a four-day event.

"There are a lot of stars that come to Austin, but a lot of X Games sports stars, that's amazing," 14-year-old Vincente Reyna said.

ESPN will announce the full schedule of events in coming months. Most of the competitions will be at the Circuit of the Americas track and downtown.

To compete in the X Games you've got to be fearless. In some of the events athletes launch themselves five stories high.

The big air event is a fan favorite. As skateboarders speed down a giant ramp, doing gymnast-like tricks high in the sky.

Others use motorcycles to show off their gravity defying stunts in the motocross free-style event.

"These pros make it look so simple and just like the sport is, it's a young sport and these kids are just like rubber, they fall down and get back up again," skater Anthony Chacon said.

The X Games also offer BMX competitions where athletes win points with their style and tricks, and in rally car racing, drivers fearlessly blast through all types of terrain.

"We are definitely going to be there, and I'm sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way," Reyna said.

Past X Games have attracted more than 140,000 visitors, giving Austin a new stage to show off its moves.

Though Austin will host the summer X Games, ESPN decided to hold them in May to give the athletes a break from the heat.

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