Central Texan makes roadside memorials for DWI victims




Posted on August 15, 2009 at 4:36 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 20 at 11:09 AM


KVUE's Tom Harris reports

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Texas leads the nation when it comes to drunk driving fatalities. It's a statistic that is hard to understand until you see the faces of some of the victims, and one Central Texas man is working to help people make the connection.

Liz Smith suffered one of the biggest tragedies a parent can endure when her son was killed by a drunk driver.

"We didn't believe it. We waited until the DPS trooper on the scene showed up," Smith said.

Smith's 16-year-old son, Adam, was killed by a drunk driver just before Christmas in 2006. He was driving home with his best friend Eric and another friend David. His two friends survived.

Smith says the man who hit the boys had three previous DWI arrests.

"He was on his way home. He called me to say there were going to drop off Eric, and then he said he would be right home. That was the last I heard from him," she said.

George Walker is making a roadside memorial for Adam. He does it for any family that has lost a loved one in Central Texas because of a drunk driver.

"I try not to think about it too much," Walker said. "It's very relaxing to make them and to know that I am doing something that is helpful."

Walker started donating his services about 10 years.

The organization Mother's Against Drunk Driving has somebody that donates plaques for each of the victims.

Jim Currier with MADD says he is grateful for the help.

"MADD relies on volunteers so much that people like George really make a difference in our community," Currier said.

The crosses help ease the pain for families who have lost loved ones and serves as a reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving.