Put your hamstrings to work in today's Exercise Minute

Eliz Perez from Yoga Yoga explains the steps involved in a hamstring and IT band stretch.

In today's Exercise Minute, Eliz Perez from Yoga Yoga will teach us how to to do an IT band stretch and a hamstring stretch. All you will need for this sequence is a mat.

Mountain Pose to Forward Fold

Start off by standing up with your feet placed shoulder-length apart. Then, bring your arms to your head and place your palms together. Next, exhale as you bring your arms down and bend over to where your fingers touch the ground.


Cross Legged Fold IT Band Stretch

Next, walk your hands a little bit forward and lift your left leg up. Make sure your right leg is slightly bent as you do this, then inhale. You should feel this stretch in the back of your right leg.


As you exhale, bend your knee and cross your left leg behind your right and place your feet together. Inhale once more and then exhale. 


Back to Mountain Pose

As you exhale, uncross your legs so that your feet are properly side-by-side. Next, inhale as you come back up and bring your arms above you. Then, exhale as you bring your hands down to your chest and then to your sides.



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