Get your core nice and tight in today's Exercise Minute

How to work out your core and rest your lower back

In today's Exercise Minute, yoga instructor Eliz Perez will show us how to work out our core and rest our lower back with a plank sequence. All you will need for this exercise is a mat.

Childs Pose to Right Side Plank

Start off in the child pose position and then bring your body forward and extend upward into a plank position. Make sure your feet are together and your hands are placed underneath your shoulders and then inhale.


Next, exhale as you shift your weight onto the outer edge of your right foot and stack your left foot on top of your right foot. Then, extend your left arm up and hold this position for a few seconds. You can drop your bottom knee for more rest if this position is too intense.


Then, you will bring your body back into the original plank position and then back into the child's pose.


Childs Pose to Left Side Plank

Once you finish your right side plank, repeat the exact same steps for the left side plank. Start in the child's pose and then transition into a regular plank. From there, shift your weight onto your left foot and transition into a left side plank. Hold this position for a few seconds. 


Then, go back into a regular plank and then end in the child's pose. You can repeat this sequence as many times as you will like. You can also hold the side planks for however long you are comfortable with.



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