Oak pollen attacks allergy sufferers



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Posted on April 8, 2010 at 4:23 PM

Updated Thursday, Apr 8 at 7:50 PM

Everyone wants to head outside with this great weather. The only problem is pollen, and this spring it's especially bad.

Oak pollen is at its highest level in recent years. It's common to see the yellow pollen covering our vehicles.

“You need to be prepared unless you want to wash pretty frequently,” said Jason Wallace, Austin resident.

The spring allergy season is causing a lot of people to suffer.

“For me it just breaks down my whole body, and my whole system. It feels like I’m sick. I have no energy, and all I wants to do is sleep,” said Kegan Kimball, Austin resident.

The Allergy and Asthma Center of Austin is extra busy with patients in need of shots and medication.

“This week has actually exploded, just the number of people calling and showing up physically sick has been really overwhelming,” said Dr. Allen Lieberman.

He says the temporary solution to immediate allergy suffering is steroids if over-the-counter medicine does not work; however, patients who have long term problems should consider regular shots to build up immunity.

“The outdoor exposure is especially devastating to kids. They are walking in, they can’t sleep at night. They’re eyes are swollen shut, and they can’t breathe through their nose,” said Lieberman.

Spring allergy season peaks in April. Oak pollen problems should subside in May.

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