Children's Hospital lifts spirits with 'Hallway Halloween'


by Eric Gonzales


Posted on November 1, 2012 at 8:13 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 1 at 8:28 PM

SAN ANTONIO, Texas — While many kids geared up for Halloween,  there were some stuck in a hospital room.

Children’s Hospital of San Antonio treated kids to a Hallway Halloween for kids who won’t be hitting the neighborhood this year.

“We try to make this a very normal day for the children who are in our hospital" said Marcy Doderer, of Children’s Hospital of San Antonio. "The staff the administrators, the physicians dress up, people bring candy."

Children’s Hospital has been hosting Hallway Halloween for 25 years. This year, it covered the first floor with Darth Vader, mummies and pirates.

“What does a pirate say?" one toddler asked. "Aaaaarrrr!”
About 100 kids showed up to make their rounds, but not all of them were able to make it out of their rooms.

"Not every child, unfortunately, is able to get out of bed and participate in the parade," Doderer said. "For those children, we’ll take goody bags to them.”

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