Art shows the heart of abused women




Posted on November 25, 2013 at 8:52 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 25 at 10:36 PM

After watching his own mother struggle with emotional abuse from his father, artist A. Kaye wanted to give back to other victims of domestic violence.

Eight years ago, he began inviting abused women to pour out their souls in paint on canvas. The stories of abuse they tell are often secrets they've never shared with their own families.

One woman paints: "My body is strong, my mind is stronger."

Another paints the words: "I am hope."

No matter what's splattered on the paper (or the person), the photographs A. Kaye takes of the process and then turns into mixed media art tell powerful stories. For some, he says it’s like art therapy.

"They say this is the first time 'I've been ever able to express myself without fear of reprisal,'" Kaye said. "'You provide a safe place for us.'"

When the project began, the subjects were supposed to be anonymous.

"But the more women I worked with and the more women who said to me said, 'Show my face. I want people to know that I survived this. It's more important to come out from behind the curtain than it is to stay hidden away and not tell my story,'" Kaye said.

While domestic violence is anything but pretty, A. Kaye hopes his art reflects the heart of women.

"They have something inside them that's still beautiful," he said. "They have hope; they have a story; they are survivors."

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