AFF’s Funniest Filmmaker in Austin contest


Posted on July 22, 2010 at 5:04 PM

Updated Thursday, Jul 29 at 3:59 PM

It's back! Austin Film Festival, Cap City Comedy Club, The Onion, and Last Gas Comedy are proud to announce The Fifth Annual Funniest Filmmaker in Austin contest.

Come watch the show on July 26.

This year’s competition features special guest judges, Chuck Sklar (writer, Everybody Hates Chris, The Chris Rock Show, The Man Show) and Pat Hazell (writer, Seinfeld, The Wonder Bread Years).

The winner gets two all access Producer’s Badges, valued at $1300, to the 16th Annual Austin Film Festival in October, where his / her film will be screened as an official festival selection.

The contest Finals will be held on Monday, July 26, 8pm @ Cap City Comedy Club.

For more information on the Funniest Filmmaker Competition check out...

Click the video above to watch 2009 winner Kerri Lindo's short film First Date.

Funniest Filmmaker in Austin Winner 2009: Kerri Lendo

Kerri Lendo is an Austin based comedian originally from Philadelphia.  She has been a multiple time finalist in the Funniest Person in Austin contest and has toured the country with such alternative comics as Maria Bamford.  Locally recently directed and co-wrote “69 Love Scenes” for Gnap Theater Company.  Kerri loves performing in all mediums of comedy including stand up, sketch, and film.

Winning Short Film: First Date

“I heard it was hard to get a table at this place.”

A Brief Interview with Kerri Lendo...

AFF: The humor in First Date is very similar to the humor in your stand-up act, do you find writing jokes for your act similar to writing films or completely different?

Kerri Lendo: I think they are similar in the fact that they are both kind of random.  I've never been good at just sitting down and writing.  Most or all of my ideas have come to me at odd times.  Although maybe this explanation is just a big excuse I have made up for myself so I don’t have to sit down and write.

AFF: First Date was one of your first projects as a filmmaker, are you planning on continuing to make films or are you focused on stand-up?

KL: I had been making poor quality films for awhile. First Date was my first realization that I had the resources to make something look and sound good. I'm shooting again this weekend.   I am always working on ten things at once. I kind of have to to keep up with everyone else.  If I drop the ball on stand up there are hundreds of comics that aren’t and the same for filmmaking.

AFF: Why should other comics (or filmmakers) think about entering the Funniest Filmmaker in Austin competition?

KL: I think the Funniest Filmmaker contest is great.  It's a nice stepping stone into filmmaking.  Having a deadline is a great way to motivate yourself to get started too.