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Elaine M. Henderson
25 - Democrat

I was born in Missouri, my Dad worked on the WPA projects in the West during the depression and my Mother was a school teacher for a few years before she married my Dad. I had one older brother. Most of our extended family lived nearby on farms.

I grew up near Marceline, Missouri, a beautiful little town on the Santa Fe railroad, and boyhood home of Walt Disney. I lived on a dairy farm, and spent many hours working in the garden, going after the cows and washing milking machines. After high school graduation, I worked in Kansas City, Mo. at an insurance company and at Kansas City Bank and Trust.

I married my first husband while he was a student at Mo. School of Mines and Metallurgy. I worked until he graduated at the Collector's office at Rolla, Mo. in accounting. When he graduated, we had no student debt because his Dad had a good union job with the Santa Fe and was able to pay most of his college costs. We moved to Fullerton, California where he was employed with a defense plant nearby. I worked at a bank there as well. I studied history and business at Fullerton Jr. College and Cal State Fullerton. We had two children.

When we moved to Houston 1972, I worked toward and received a BS in Education from the University of Houston. I worked for HISD teaching 4th grade and later at Harris County Youth Village as a remedial reading teacher. My husband and a friend decided to indulge their interest in flying by buying a small airplane to rent out. That led to them buying 2 airplanes and myself and the friend's wife running a small business for about 8 years. We were at an outlying airport, renting space and selling flying lessons, airplanes and parts. We hired flight instructors, mechanics and avionic technicians. We made payroll and evenuallly got the bankers to deal with us directly, not our husbands- who had no intentions of leaving their secure NASA contractor jobs. This evenually ended my marriage about the time that our son graduated from Texas A&M. We sold the business, didn't get rich, and I was looking again for work.

I ended up working at a job at Hobby Airport for Texas Eastern Company in accounting, then moved to work directly for the Houston Airport system as an Operations officer. Later I was promoted to Airport Operations Supervisor and Airport Security Coordinator. While at this job I met a flight instructor I had known in my earlier flight school business, David Henderson. We married a few months later. When he retired in 2001, we stayed in the NASA area until he finished a book he was working on -really advanced math. Sorry I can't read it. Anyway, we then moved to Lago Vista, TX; where we now reside. My son and his family live in Round Rock and my lovely daughter lives in Connecticut, working as dental asst. and going to school. David's oldest son also lives in Austin.

I want to serve the public now that I have the time and energy to do so. I do promise not to be a career politician like the Congressman we currently have, Lamar Smith who has now been there for twenty-four (24) years. Of course, the new 25th district moves us in Lago Vista to a newly-drawn district- not 21. Funny how Republicans so hate regulation, but want to regulate the internet with the Lamar Smith SOPA bill to have Internet Service Providers required to keep every email, and search one ever did for years. ...and make them available to some government agencies.

I have been a long time member of the Sierra Club, the Outdoor club of the College of the Mainland, and have been a supporter of the Texas Freedom Network, testifying before the State Board of Education on adoption of a textbook. I sing in the choir at the Episcopal Church of the Ressurection in Austin. Served also as Precinct Chair for the Democrats in 371 and helped start the North Shore Democrats in Lago Vista.

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