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Candace Duval
21 - Democrat

A 6th generation Texan and a modern renaissance woman, born in Corpus Christi, her experiences draw from living and working in heavenly destinations such as Aspen where she worked as a Sales Manager for a four star hotel, Scottsdale working as a donor coordinator and bookkeeper at Make-A-Wish Foundation, and in Maui as a Realtor and owner of a construction company.

She cultivated her leadership skills at the early age of 13 when she served as President of her youth group at the United Methodist Church in Kingsville. She continued to pursue service through leadership when elected Vice President of her Freshman Class at Westlake High and continuing serving on the Student Council throughout her high school years. Overcoming the affliction and stigma of her learning disability, dyslexia, ignited in her a commitment to education. Candace pursued a commercial art degree at Texas State San Marcos and later received an Associates Degree with Honors at Brazosport Jr. College in 1991 where she was initiated into the International Scholastic Honorary Society, Phi Theta Kappa.

She interned for Comptroller Bob Bullock and returned for a permanent position at his Tax Publications Department. A close family friend, Bob also designated Candace the title of a Yellow Rose of Texas during his tenure as Secretary of the State of Texas.

Upon her return to Texas three years ago and with a renewed inspiration for politics, she worked for John Sharp in his most recent run for Senate and Hector Uribe in his run for Texas Land Commissioner.

She now focuses her time as a volunteer to the Texas Democratic Party and its candidates and served as a State Delegate, Precinct 229 at the 2010 Democratic State Convention. Candace also networks in the environmental community in efforts to promote renewable energy and sustainability. As an Image and Branding Consultant to her own company, she has served an array of industries including the tech, construction, publications, environmental, political and non-profit sector. She has always been a dedicated and committed volunteer for the arts and organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Hui Noeau Visual Arts Center. Among many of her creative passions is being a Chef where she creates nutritional culinary delights that have pleased many palates.

What drives her the most is the commitment to empower citizen’s responsibility and authority over their own affairs.

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