Sex offender fired after KVUE investigation



Posted on October 3, 2011 at 4:02 PM

According to an email from a City of Austin spokesperson, the City has completed its investigation into registered sex offenders who didn’t disclose their criminal past on their employment applications.

That review was launched after a KVUE Defenders investigation.

In August, the KVUE Defenders told you about Public Works employee John Aleman, who pled guilty to Burglary of a Habitation with Intent to Commit Sexual Assault in 1992 -- a crime committed on the job,  while Aleman was working for the City of Austin.

At the time, Aleman resigned then re-applied for a job a few months later. When asked whether he had a criminal history on his job application, Aleman checked no.

After the KVUE Defenders brought the case to the City's attention, Aleman was suspended.

With its month-long investigation complete, the city decided to terminate Aleman. But he wasn't the only employee who didn't disclose a criminal past.

  • Steven Davis with Solid Waste Services pled no contest to Sexual Assault in 1994. He received a 5-day suspension "for falsification." The City wrote "since his case was adjucated nine years before his original application" and because he's an "exemplary employee" Davis will keep his job.
  • Harris Washington with Austin Water Utility was convicted of Indecency with a Child in 1994. The city wrote that since Washington didn't "omit or falsify information on his most recent application" and is viewed as "a positive employee," Washington will remain in his position.
  • Hilario Castro with Austin Water Utility was convicted of Sexual Assault of a Child in 1990. After using his vacation time, the City says Castro resigned, effective October 1.

The City has not indicated whether it will change its hiring policy. Currently job candidates are not required to disclose their criminal history in order to work for the City of Austin.

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