Powerball jackpot frenzy in Austin


by JADE MINGUS / KVUE NEWS and photojournalist DATHAN HULL

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Posted on November 28, 2012 at 11:22 PM

Updated Wednesday, Nov 28 at 11:41 PM

AUSTIN -- The possibility of becoming a multi-millionaire enticed thousands to spend $2 on a Powerball ticket Wednesday.

The jackpot soared from $500 to $550 Wednesday, with a lump sum, cash pay-out of $360 million dollars.

"I figured you can't win if you don't play," said Powerball hopeful Sean Cooper. 

"We thought we would take our chances to see what happens," said Cynthia Bain who was also trying her luck.

The chances of winning are one in 175 million. You have a greater chance of being hit by lightning twice, or hitting a hole in one, three times.

Wednesday evening, Powerball sales in Texas alone topped $74,000 per minute. As of 8 p.m. statewide sales hit $27 million dollars.

For some, a winning ticket would mean a new way of life, luxury and just maybe, enough to share.

"Probably buy a bigger house first, a boat, and fun toys. Then spread the wealth with my family and friends," said Bain.

If a winning ticket is not drawn Wednesday evening, the jackpot swells to $900 million dollars. The next jackpot drawing would be Saturday.