Last minute DIY Mother's Day gift ideas


by Tami Hoey


Posted on May 9, 2013 at 2:44 PM

PHOENIX, Arizona --  If you're still looking for a last minute Mother's Day gift, we have some do-it-yourself ideas that are thoughtful and creative, but not cheesy.

For inspiration we turned to the gal who's being called the "Martha Stewart for the 20-something set."

Former Real World cast member-turned Emma Magazine founder Sarah Hubbell is a Do-It-Yourself expert. Her first idea for Good Morning Arizona viewers was a Peter Pan-collar necklace.

"I think every mom has gotten a macaroni necklace and cringed a little bit inside," Hubbell said. "So we have an update on that. I think it's a real nice necklace that any mom would wear."

She demonstrated how you just use felt to make a pattern, glue on some pearls or other jewels, and add a chain.

Another gift idea for mom is a set of handmade coasters using tiles and patterned paper or photos.

"You're just going to glue it to the tiles," Sarah explained. "These are ceramic tiles, just a few cents a piece. Then you just put Mod Podge on top."

If mom has a green thumb, a planter makes a great gift. A homemade hand and foot scrub can be a great way to pamper her. And if you want to get the kids involved, you can all make placemats.

And what mom doesn't need a bag to cart around all her gear. Hubbell demonstrated how to assemble a custom tote bag.

"Just start with a canvas tote," Sarah said. "They're only a dollar each at"

Emma Magazine is billed as the how-to magazine for the modern domestic. It's now in its fifth issue.

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