Texas business fights H1N1 with spray




Posted on November 30, 2009 at 4:13 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 30 at 5:55 PM

Lots of people are looking for ways to protect themselves against infection from the H1N1 swine flu. A new business in Boerne called Action Restoration has a product it says can kill the flu bug in a building and keep it away for months.

Last spring, cleaning crews wiped down and disinfected South Texas schools after H1N1 first reared its ugly head. Now, Action Restoration says it has a faster, better way to beat the virus. It’s a product called ASA-1000, a combination of chemicals applied directly to the surface of walls and furniture, even into air conditioning filters.

“You know, they’re always telling you ‘wash your hands.’ Well, if you treat the surface, now you’ve got an extra way not to get it on your hands,” said Willie Adams, Ph.D., vice president of Action Restoration.

The powerful disinfectant is used worldwide by the U.S. military. Action Restoration is using it commercially in places like schools, hospitals, offices, jails and oils rigs, anywhere people gather and swap germs.

It’s distributed by a commercial fogger and kills what’s on the surface in one to two minutes. After it dries, though, the chemicals continue to provide a protective barrier.

“The residual can be reactivated with moisture,” Adams explained. “So if someone were to sneeze, which is a typical way that the contaminant is going to be laid down on the surface, then the moisture from that sneeze would actually reactivate the chemical.”

Action Restoration also treats buildings to protect against black mold and staph infections. The company wants to get the word out that there’s a disinfecting alternative that’s safe and lasts while.

“I’m excited because it works and it’s a safe product,” Adams claimed.

Action Restoration says this chemical disinfectant can be applied in a matter of hours, saving time and getting people back into their buildings and back to work quickly.