Green jobs score high in growth rate


by Jane King


Posted on March 20, 2013 at 6:00 AM

Updated Wednesday, Mar 20 at 6:01 AM

If you're looking for a job -- you might want to consider clean energy!

A new federal report shows green jobs grew 4 times faster than others in 2011 compared to the year before.  And, California and Maryland had the biggest job growth.

More health concerns about energy drinks. A group of prominent doctors -- asking the FDA to consider reducing the caffeine in them.

Monster, Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy have said their drinks are safe.

The doctors say, high levels of caffeine in children and teens can result in heart problems, seizures and obesity.

And, CVS under fire -- for asking employees to reveal their weight, body fat and glucose levels -- or pay $600 extra for health insurance.

The founder of "Patient Privacy Rights" tells the boston herald the new CVS policy is coercive and invasive.

CVS says its wellness program's designed to motivate employees to take more responsibility for their health.

Investors today -- waiting for word from Ben Bernanke.

Economists say -- the FED chairman will likely indicate the fed plans to continue its massive economic stimulus program, at least for now.

Not much movement in either direction for stocks yesterday, as investors shrugged off worries about Europe's debt problems.

And -- are you betting on this year's college basketball?

A new survey by Coupon Cabin says more than a third of NCAA bettors plan to wager more on March Madness, than they did on the Superbowl!

Be careful though -- of those who bet last year -- nearly 60% lost money.