Williamson County DA Bradley fighting to keep his seat



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Posted on December 20, 2011 at 10:41 PM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 21 at 10:26 AM

GEORGETOWN, Texas -- Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley is the first to tell you that 2011 was a year with its share of challenges for him and his office. Now, he is facing another battle, this one from across the hall of his second story office at the Williamson County Courthouse.  

“Williamson County has the lowest crime rate of any county of its size in the state of Texas. That's been true for the last ten years while I've been district attorney. We doubled our population while that happened and we still maintained a low crime rate,” said Bradley when KVUE News sat down with him last Thursday to talk about the fight to keep his seat as district attorney.
Williamson County Attorney Jana Duty announced last week that she’s now running against Bradley in the spring republican primary.
Duty says her main motivation to run for district attorney was the way John Bradley handled the now infamous Michael Morton case.
Morton, 57, was released from prison in October after spending 25 years for killing his wife, a crime which DNA later proved he didn’t commit. Bradley was not the prosecutor in the Morton case; however seven years ago, Bradley chose not to allow DNA testing on evidence which could have freed Morton years earlier.
“I have helped identify the information that freed him," maintains Bradley.  "Once we received the DNA testing and found that he was innocent, I joined the request for his release. I've also helped to investigate to find out what happened 25 years ago and I will continue to make sure this never, ever happens again.”
Bradley says reports that a grievance was filed against his office in the Morton case are not accurate. Bradley says it was not a grievance but  a complaint on a piece of paper which he says came from Jana Duty and attorneys to the State Bar of Texas.
KVUE News has also conducted an interview with Jana Duty.  If you would like to see that story, click here.

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