Wild hogs causing accidents on SH-130


by MELISSA MAHADEO / KVUE News and photojournalist ROBERT MCMURREY


Posted on October 26, 2012 at 6:29 PM

Updated Friday, Oct 26 at 6:41 PM

LOCKHART, Texas -- Dozens of wild hogs were captured on Lockhart Police Department's dash cam video from a patrol car this week. It shows groups of hogs running across State Highway 130 at night. At first you may not notice them, and that is the problem.
State Highway 130 is the same highway that became the fastest in America this week. The new speed limit for the 41-miles tops out at 85 miles an hour -- a dangerous speed to hit one of those hogs straight-on.

"The speed limit could be 60 or 65, but it is still not a really good situation," Lockhart Police Chief Michael Lummus said. "They seem to be in groups of 30 or so."

Lummus said he has already seen at least three of these types of accidents within city limits this week, and one in the county.

Henry Hernandez with Henry's Towing towed one of the car's that hit a wild hog back to Lockhart on Thursday morning.

"No tire. Front end -- all smashed in. It was pretty bad," he said. "The hog was crossing the roadway, and he couldn't see it, it was so dark, and he hit it straight on."

"When he [the driver] told me it was about 250 pounds, I thought it would be more damage than that, but he got lucky," Hernandez said. No one was hurt in that accident.

"They don't even see the deer in the ditches and these things are shorter and stalkier," Lummus said. Lummus said as soon as it gets dark, hogs become extremely difficult to spot.

Lummus and Hernandez said they fear the higher speed limit will mean more cars moving through an area over populated by wild hogs.

Chief Lummus said he would like to see more lights, fences, or warning signs added to State Highway 130. KVUE brought that question to the SH-130 Concession Company who is in charge of maintaining those 41 miles for the next 50 years. They said they will monitor the road and make changes if and when they feel changes are needed. They also said it is every driver's responsibility to be aware and of their surroundings and engage in safe driving practices.

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