New disc golf course in East Austin put on hold



Posted on April 6, 2011 at 5:53 PM

Updated Wednesday, Apr 6 at 8:11 PM

Pleasant weather brought Randy Moore to Zilker Park Wednesday for a round of disc golf. It is a course he normally would not play. Since the city shut down disc golf at Pease Park last December, it is the closest to his house.

“For more experienced players it’s too short,” said Moore. “I kind of think of it as a pitch and putt.”

Many disc golfers say while Zilker Park may be the most centrally located, the problem is it is a beginner course and just not that challenging.

“It's all just approach shots and putts,” Moore explained.
The city was supposed to build a new disc golf course on 28 acres of the Roy Guerrero Colorado River Park in East Austin. Those plans are now on hold for at least a year. 

“We encountered opposition from the neighborhood in regards to the disc golf course,” said Marty Stump with the City of Austin Parks and Rec Department.  “They felt the site was environmentally sensitive.”

Shannon Bowles is a professional disc golfer. She believes the sport is getting a bad rap.

“Our sport is one of the most environmentally sensitive sports out there,” she said.

Damon Meth is Co-Founder Disc Nation in South Austin.  He says the sport is not only environmentally friendly, it also contributes to the local economy. He says people come from around the country to play tournaments in Austin.

“It contributes to sales tax revenues and tourism dollars.

Randy Moore is disappointed by the city's decision to put the new disc golf course on hold.

“I feel the rug has been pulled out from under me.”
He believes the city wants a find a site for disc golf and hopes one can be found sooner rather than later.