Mothers want nearly nude baristas to cover up



Posted on November 19, 2013 at 10:41 AM

SPOKANE, Wash. -- Three local mothers are furious the city council rejected a plan to crack down on scantily clad baristas.

As a result, the women said they would try to get an ordinance on the ballot that would force the baristas to cover up.

Kimberly Curry, Beth Solscheid, and Hillary Van Akin said they do not want to shut down stands like Triple X Espresso, now called Devil’s Brew, but they are asking the baristas who work at such coffee stands to wear more clothing.  Additionally, the women hoped to establish what is appropriate to wear in public, something the city does not currently define.

"This is Spokane, this isn't Vegas.  You don't expect that here and it's a family community and we don't want that," Van Akin said.

Spokane City Council members shot down an indecent exposure ordinance in September.

"[People] should have a right to vote on it,” said Solscheid. “I don't think everyone feels the same way the council does."

"It's pretty appalling and I think any civilized human would say that,” Curry added. “This is not okay and kids should not be subjected to this."

The three mothers were working on drafting up a citizen initiative, similar to what the City of Spokane was considering.  It would require everyone to cover certain body parts and at least half of the female breast.
According to city officials, once the initiative is approved 11,000 signatures would get it on the ballot in 2014.
The women planned on submitting their initiative in the coming weeks.

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