Man sells himself to investors


by KGW Staff

Posted on March 28, 2013 at 9:23 PM

Updated Thursday, Mar 28 at 10:30 PM

PORTLAND, Ore. – A Portland man who decided to turn himself into a publicly-traded company shared his unique story on the Today Show Thursday.

Keith Michael Merrill decided five years ago to start selling shares of himself. He set up a private market online where friends, along with complete strangers, could buy in and help him make decisions. His company is called K Mikey M, after his name.

Questions like ‘Wear only Brooks Brothers?’ would pop up and shareholders would approve or vote down the option.

Change political parties?

Approved -- Merril is now a Republican.

Who should I date?

The votes went in.

Coincidentally, Merrill now has a girlfriend and she's a shareholder but her six-month contract will go before the board for renewal soon.

“I would argue it's all legitimate. I've been doing it for five years and this is how I make those big decisions,” he said.

He said his dad and brother were among his investors, but not his mom.

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