Man accused of multiple attacks on women on SoCo arrested



Posted on July 12, 2011 at 2:30 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 13 at 12:52 PM

Austin police have arrested a man they say attacked three women early Friday morning. Charles Grandville Wilson, 33,  is now charged with attempted sexual assault.

The slow, relaxed feel is back along South Congress.
"It's a relief. Hopefully, it's a relief to everyone in this city,” said shop owner Ellen Johnson.
For several days shop owners and customers have been on edge, worried about running into the attacker. Police released a sketch of him Friday after he attacked three female joggers within a two-hour period.
In the first attack, police say the man pulled down a woman's shorts at South Congress and Milton, punched her in the face, and dragged her near an alley where he attempted to sexually assault her.
A man heard her cries and chased the attacker off.
The second attack happened an hour later at Barton Springs and South 1st Street. Police say a man pulled down a woman's jogging pants and knocked her to the ground, injuring her hand.
Then, at 7:15 a.m. a woman jogging along the pedestrian bridge near the hike and bike trail by I-35 and Lady Bird Lake says a man grabbed her.
Police did not report the incidents as sexual assaults at first because they did not know the motive at the time. By Tuesday, they had it figured out.
Officers charged 33-year-old Charles Grandville Wilson with attempted sexual assault. He was already in jail for a pedestrian in the roadway charge.
Police are withholding his mug shot for lineups.
Big Top Candy Shop employee Shelley Neuman says she knows Wilson well. She says Wilson is a transient who frequents the area. He would often come into her store.
"I was actually a little bit scared. I've been approached by the guy several times in here,” she said.
While Neuman says he did not act violent toward her, though it's a different story next door.
Ellen Johnson, part owner of Off the Wall, thinks she had to call police on Wilson two weeks ago.
"He was pretty aggressively panhandling a woman, and I was standing with a cell phone, so he got aggressive to me because he thought I was calling police," she said.
A co-worker who was with Johnson says the man threatened to punch her teeth in.
"If it is the same man, I hope they've caught him. He's the right guy, and I hope he pays for his crime,” Johnson said.
Wilson remains in the Travis County Jail on a $200,000 bond. Officers noted in his court paperwork that he has mental health issues.