Jurors hear 911 call during Yazdi murder trial


by ASHLEY GOUDEAU / KVUE News and Photojournalist SCOTT McKENNEY

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Posted on October 18, 2013 at 5:15 PM

Updated Saturday, Oct 19 at 1:26 PM

GEORGETOWN, TX  -- Jurors listened to a frantic 911 call during the murder trial of Fred Yazdi this week. Yazdi is charged with murder for the 2012 shooting death of Enrique Recio.


There was a 90-minute delay before the jury was seated Friday morning. Attorneys were hashing out whether Yazdi's wife, Lelah, would testify and if a recording from her could be used in court.

Outside the presence of the jury, Lelah Yazdi took the stand. With the help of an interpreter,  speaking her native language of Farsi, Yazdi invoked her right to not testify against her husband.

Though Mrs. Yazdi told the court she doesn't want to testify, she has the right to change her mind.

Once the jury came in, Austin Police Detective Derek Israel testified he spoke with Mrs. Yazdi on three occasions, in English. He told jurors she understood and answered him in English, countering the defense's previous statement that she does not speak English well.

Israel also told jurors Mrs. Yazdi called 911 before he arrived. Then prosecutors played the tape for the jury.

Yazdi: "Hello."

Operator: "Hello this is Austin 911 do you need police, fire or EMS?"

Yazdi: "Yes, yes, I need police."

Enrique Recio's mother sat with her head in her hands as the tape played.

Operator: "You said your husband shot him?"

Yazdi: "Yes, my husband shot him. I think he is alive...he was hiding under my car. And after that I told my husband and he shot the burglar."

Yazdi, obviously upset while on the call, then passed the phone to her husband. He seemed calm.

Fred Yazdi: "Hello."

Operator: "Yes sir this is the ambulance. I understand there's someone there that's been shot."

Fred Yazdi: "Yes ma'am. I shot at a burglar here."

While the tape played, Yazdi looked down, staring at the table. 

Operator: "When did this happen?"

Fred Yazdi: "About 10, 15 minutes ago."

After lunch, Travis County Medical Examiner Dr. Vickie Willoughby took the stand. She said Recio's cause of death was multiple gun shot wounds and that he did not have other wounds except for an abrasion to the thigh.

Willoughby said Recio was shot three times, once in the left side of the torso, once in the left hip and in the right thigh. She told jurors the bullet to his hip hit his aorta and she believes that's the shot that killed him. 

 "How long in your medical opinion would it take for that person to expire." prosecutors asked her referring to the bullet that his Recio's aorta.

"Minutes," she replied. "With the blood loss, blood will not be able to circulate. The heart may still be beating but it won't be able to circulate to the brain or to the extremities and back to the heart so the body will seize. The heart will seize and I guess the brain will seize too," Willoughby added.

She also talked about the possible position Recio was in when he was shot. Recio's body was found on the opposite side of a fence from Yazdi's home.

Willoughby told jurors it appears Recio was shot toward the end of him climbing over the fence. But the defense argued forensics also show Recio could have been shot and then went over the fence.

Jurors should get some clarification on Recio's position Monday when the prosecution calls a firearms expert to the stand.