Hundreds march for equal rights



Posted on May 22, 2011 at 10:09 PM

Hundreds gathered at Austin City Hall Sunday night demanding equal rights for the lesbian, gay, and transgender community.

Pedro Diaz has been with his partner for four years.  He says he wants the same rights as straight couples.

“Equality would mean either two men, two women or a man and a woman would be able to get married it’s not a religious thing it is very much a civil thing,” he said.

 Meghan Stabler was born a man. She is now a woman. 

“We need to stop the hate just because we're different,” explained Stabler.  “We're born this way. There is no reason to deny us from the people we love, the places we work, how we want to serve our country and the children we want to raise as a family.  There is too much hate in this world and too little time.”

They turned out celebrating the spirit of Harvey Milk, the nation's first openly gay politician who was shot and killed in 1978 in San Francisco.  

Mayor Lee Leffingwell along with Randi Shade, the first openly gay council member, proclaimed May 22nd, 2011 as Harvey Milk Day.  .

“It’s important to continue to fight for equal rights,” Shade said.

The group then marched from City Hall, down Congress Avenue, to the State Capitol-- in honor of a man and their ongoing struggle for equality and civil rights.

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