How Dell helped build F1 Team Caterham



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Posted on November 17, 2013 at 12:11 PM

Updated Monday, Nov 18 at 6:46 PM

All of the Formula 1 teams are based in other countries, but one has a Central Texas connection.

U-K based Caterham contacted Round Rock based Dell to help get the team on the grid. Bryan Jones, Vice President of North American Marketing for Dell, says the team called and said they had only a certain amount of time to get the car on the grid. "If they had missed that amount of time they would have missed an entire season," said Jones.

Caterham's first season was 2012, the inaugural year of the United States Grand Prix in Austin. Dell helped build basically three sets of things. One, the car. Then the infrastructure to Caterhams business, and third the trackside environment.

"That trackside environment obviously has some really extreme requirements," said Jones. "First it has to be completely mobile. So they pick the data center up and they pack it up and they ship it every two weeks to everyone of the track sites."

Dell was able to build Caterham a data center that fits into one tractor trailor. That's one-fourth the size of most. This saves the team money, since it is expensive to ship this equipment around the world. There are more than 150 sensors on the car which log information.

"You''ll have real time communication between data, back into the garage, into the mobile data center, and then all the way back to the driver saying hey turn this switch, set this dial," says Jones.

The Formula 1 2013 season spans five continents and 19 countries. For Dell this partnership helps recognition in foreign markets.

Caterham is the team with the only current US driver in F1, reserve driver Alexander Rossi.

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