Google develops new Android game console


by Ellen Braitman


Posted on June 28, 2013 at 6:03 AM

Updated Friday, Jun 28 at 6:21 AM

Google's developing a videogame console -- and a wristwatch powered by its Android operating system.

The Wall Street Journal says Google's also getting ready to release a fresh version of an Android media-streaming device.  Sources say Google wants to design and market the devices itself and release at least one, this fall.


Meantime -- hot dog sales may be on the decline!

Americans are expected to consume 150 million hot dogs this July 4th -- enough to stretch from New York to L.A. more than 5 times!  But market-research firm IRI says -- hot dog sales dropped more than 3% last year and sales figures for this year are looking soft as well.


Some food experts tell Bloomberg declining birthrates, changing immigration patterns and higher retail prices may be hurting demand.

There's a new banking business that says it lets consumers pay what they want.  GoBank is designed as a purely mobile bank.  All functionality is available through its app.


It offers FDIC checking and savings accounts, a debit card, a budget tool and more than 40,000 ATM's nationwide.  GoBank promises no fees unless you want extras or use other banks' ATM's.

You can chose to pay between $0 and $9 dollars a month for the service.


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