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Posted on February 7, 2013 at 2:35 PM

Updated Friday, Feb 8 at 8:24 AM

Have You Seen "Friendzone"?

It's awkward. It's cringe-worthy. It's addictive. It's a waste of time. So naturally, I'm in love.

MTV's "reality" show has taken over my DVR. Literally. I've seen plenty of episodes, yet the network won't stop airing new ones. Every. Single. Day.

"Friendzone" follows two people who want to tell their best friends they have feelings for them. In junior high terms, they "like like" them.

These kids (adults?) are, naturally, scared of losing their best friend if they're rejected. We've all been there -- but these poor souls are bold enough to call MTV and risk embarrassment on national television. YOLO, right?

The premise of "Friendzone" follows the person getting ready for what they tell their BFF is a "blind date." They enlist the help of their BFF (slash secret crush) to help them pick out an outfit and give them advice for the date.

Usually each friend (slash crush) is encouraging and helpful, and he or she seems genuinely excited about their friend going on a date (red flag number one?).

Toward the end of each segment, the friend (slash crush) accompanies the other to the date. Then the truth is revealed and that's when things get weird. The crush is told that the "blind date" was really for them. (And the pair always takes one car to the date location. I guess the unsuspecting friend (slash crush) is supposed to walk home or depend on MTV to give them a ride back? They never explain this.)

So far reactions have been mixed. Most of the crushes are shocked when they hear the news and immediately say "Sure!" to going on the date. One girl told her guy friend she actually wasn't interested in him while they were ON it. Why agree to go in the first place? Because cameras were there?

No matter the outcome, you will definitely cringe, feel uncomfortable and be extremely hopeful and heartbroken within the same 15 minutes while watching this show. I think I like it because of the whole "Go Big or Go Home" and "Carpe Diem" attitude these kids have. Power to 'em! We should all be telling our friends we "like like" them, no matter the risk (note: I'm not a trained life coach).

You can catch "Friendzone" on MTV at 5 p.m. weekdays. Full episodes are available here. (Turns out this show is in its third season. I guess I haven't been watching enough MTV.) Now get to wasting that valuable time!


Jordan Armstrong is a digital content producer at KVUE. She holds a degree in Radio, Television and Film from the University of North Texas. Her addiction to television and movies started when she was five years old and wouldn’t stop watching "The Cosby Show." She's a "Power Rangers" fan club card holder and owns every season of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" on DVD. Jordan’s opinions are not a reflection of the views of KVUE.com, KVUE TV, or its parent company Belo Corp. We actually don’t know why we’re letting her have a column.

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