Ford Escape, Kia Sportage SUV's do poorly in crash test


by Jane King


Posted on May 16, 2013 at 6:28 AM

Updated Thursday, May 16 at 6:40 AM

If you drive a small SUV, you do not want to get in a front-end crash!

Almost all small SUV's rate very poorly in new safety tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.  Including the Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, GM Buick Encore, Chrysler Jeep Patriot and Ford Escape.  Out of 13 small SUV's tested, the Subaru Forrester was the only that got a "good" score.  The Mitsubishi Outlander Sport placed second, with an "acceptable" rating.


Meantime, children's clothing under the microscope.

USA Today says a study of children's clothing found some contain higher levels of Formaldehyde than experts recommend!  There are no regulations on Formaldehyde in clothing in the US.  It's used as a finish to keep fabric looking nice, but can cause rashes.


And, good news for summer job seekers!

Nearly 3 in 10 employers plan to hire seasonal workers this summer -- with leisure and hospitality, manufacturing and IT businesses leading the way.  Careerbuilder says 67% will consider offering the summer hires permanent jobs.


The biggest flawless, colorless diamond in the world, has just been sold!

The 101.73 carat stone -- going for a record $26.7 million dollars at auction to an unidentified buyer.  The diamond came from Botswana and took 21 months to polish.



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