All eyes on Circuit of the Americas track Thursday


by SHELTON GREEN / KVUE News and Photojournalist SCOTT MCKENNEY

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Posted on November 15, 2012 at 7:17 PM

Updated Thursday, Nov 15 at 7:41 PM

ELROY, Texas -- While access on the Circuit of the Americas track in Elroy was highly restricted Thursday, KVUE was able to get a sneak peek at the very moment the medical team set out to test the Circuit of the Americas track for themselves.

A spokesperson told KVUE that the medical team would reach its highest speed at 167 miles an hour.
For the vast majority of the Formula 1 drivers, Thursday was the first time they were able to see the track in person.
“Obviously it's a new track, and there are some things, some parts, that we need to check tomorrow that are impossible to find out in simulation,” said Sebastian Vettel, the Formula 1 driver for Team Red Bull who is currently in first place.
Race teams rolled out the goods to get a feel for what is shaping up to be a world class facility, and few to none are complaining, including the main man of F1.

"It's really, uh, what should I say? It's a little bit like sex. It's what you think is going to happen rather than what happens, so it's the excitement of being here and seeing it all go on," President and CEO of F1 Bernie Ecclestone said.
When asked what if anything he would change, Ecclestone answered “nothing.”
“Very often you meet people and agree to things and hope they're going to happen, and they don't, and here everything we've asked for and everything that's been agreed to has been done, so I'm very, very happy," Ecclestone said.
The first practice session on the track is at 9 a.m. Friday.
F1 Drivers get to practice on the racetrack beginning at 9am Friday.