Flu prevention and treatment in Central Texas


by KVUE News


Posted on January 13, 2013 at 6:58 PM

Updated Sunday, Jan 13 at 7:01 PM

ROUND ROCK, Texas - Separating fact from fiction, where does Austin and central Texas stand when it comes to flu cases, vaccinations, and treatment?

High levels of flu activity continue to be reported in Travis County.

20 to 30 people are coming to the emergency room daily at Scott & White Hospital in Round Rock.

Texas has been reporting high flu activity since October, and peak season does not begin until after later this month.

According to doctors at Scott and White, Tamiflu is available. However, Dr. Ross Tobleman, the medical director at the hosptial's emergency room, says not everyone benefits from Tamiflu, as it has to be taken 24 to 36 hours from the onset of symptoms.

He says there are people who benefit, but for most people it only gives a 12 to 24 hour reduction in the duration of your symptoms. There is no cure.

The doctor says there is still time for the flu shot, and that you cannot get the flu from getting the shot.

"The flu shot contains inactive and dead virus particles. So it doesn't even contain the live virus particle at all. So there is absolutely no way you can get the flu from getting the flu shot," said Tobleman.

He says you might feel achy or have a low grade temperature, but that is just your immune system responding.

Other preventative measures include getting pleny of rest and drinking fluids. And if you chose to go the holistic approach, the doctor recommends vitamin c, echinachea and zinc. But mostly he says, lots of rest and water.

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