Yazdi trial evidence shows history of making threats


by JESSICA VESS / KVUE News and photojournalist SCOTT GUEST

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Posted on October 7, 2013 at 12:34 PM

Updated Monday, Oct 7 at 5:21 PM

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Texas -- When Fred Yazdi goes to trial next week, his own history may haunt him. New court documents show the 49-year-old Austin man charged with shooting and killing a stranger outside of his Avery Ranch home has a history of making violent threats and is now accused of intimidating potential witnesses.

The Williamson County District Attorney’s Office is preparing for a conviction. Prosecutors filed a notice of intent to introduce evidence of extraneous offenses in the punishment phase of his trial.

The court document lists 17 offenses dating back to 2006. It accuses Yazdi of threatening people who he believed were trespassing saying, "Do you like having a healthy family," and "I'm Iranian and when I go, I go all the way."

Yazdi’s history includes yelling expletives at construction workers, pulling a gun on a neighbor, and most recently, revving his engine outside the homes of potential witnesses in his upcoming trial.

Yazdi is charged with shooting and killing Enrique Recio, 23, outside his Avery Ranch home in February 2012. Investigators say Recio wrecked his car and walked down the street toward Yazdi's house the morning of the crash looking for help. Yazdi shot Recio three times while he stood about 100 feet from Yazdi's home. He claimed he shot in self-defense.

Prosecutors intend to release all phone recordings and letters Yazdi made while in the Williamson County Jail during the punishment phase.

The trial is scheduled to start Monday Oct. 14.

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