Dennis Davis found guilty in 1985 murder case



Posted on April 15, 2011 at 8:48 PM

Updated Friday, Apr 15 at 10:13 PM

Dennis Davis, 61, was convicted on murder charges in a 25-year-old cold case Friday afternoon.

Jude Mike Lynch revoked Davis' bond and deputies immediately handcuffed him and led him to jail.

The family of the victim, Natalie Antonetti, hugged each other and cried after the verdict. Antonetti's son, Johnny Goudie, watched the entire trial with family members.

As he left the court room late Friday, he stopped to speak with KVUE. He said he feels a huge burden has been lifted off his shoulders.

“I feel justice has been served,” he said. “I just want to thank the cold case department, especially Detective (Tom) Walsh, for solving this case and letting us all sleep a little better tonight.

Goudie was 16 and in the apartment when his mom was brutally beaten by Davis her ex-boyfriend.
She died from her injuries 18 days later.

Walsh who re-opened the cold case in 2007.

“Eventually you just give up on the thought, said Goudie. “I met Detective Walsh.  He said he would solve the case and he really did.”

“The family feels pretty good, I feel pretty good about the verdict,” said Walsh. “The whole thing is tragic right from the beginning. It’s over.”

It may be over, the cold case solved. But the pain will remain for Goudie.

“I miss my mom a lot,” he said. “I have tried to live my life that she would be proud.”
Davis will be sentenced on Monday. He faces up to life in prison.