Austin 'Running Man' helps promote positive image of Rundberg



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Posted on September 21, 2013 at 6:28 PM

Updated Saturday, Sep 21 at 6:40 PM

AUSTIN -- The message is to take control of your neighborhood and be the voice of change. In an effort to reach out to a crime-riddled neighborhood, Austin police held a "We Are Rundberg" event in collaboration with what some might call a local celebrity.

Broderick James, otherwise known as "The Running Man," was the voice of the walk from Barrington Elementary to the Gus Garcia Recreation area.

James is the man you might have seen over the past seven years on the corner of Rundberg and Lamar -- dancing.

He told the crowd on Saturday at the "We are Rundberg" event that he has always wanted to leave a positive impact on his community, but he doesn't want it to stop here.

"I want it to be international," James said. "I want to go all around this city, not just Rundberg. I want to be Austin's running man."

He's already inspired a running man in Temple, Texas.

"I used to live here in Austin on Rundberg and I used to wake up every morning to see James out there dancing and running up the street," said James Ringgold, the Temple 'running man.' "I connected with him and said I'm going to start a chapter. I'm going to start a running man movement."

Austin police partly organized the walk, approaching James about being the bridge between them and the community. He said that when they contacted him, he thought he was in trouble. He wasn't.

They wanted an icon of the community to help them bring a positive message. Officer Rafael Kianes said James presents a positive message on being healthy and staying away from drugs.

APD said they want to start a dialogue with the public in this area. There are community meetings every Tuesday at the Rundberg Lane YMCA at 6:30. Everyone is urged to come voice concerns and suggestions.