Austin Marathon celebrates 20 years



Posted on February 21, 2011 at 10:33 AM

Updated Monday, Feb 21 at 12:00 PM

Around 20,000 runners took part in Austin’s annual marathon Sunday.


The Livestrong Austin Marathon celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, with elite runners flocking to the city from all parts of the world. Racers can choose between a full marathon and a half-marathon.

“My best is an hour and 42 minutes and I’m hoping to come in under that,” runner Ed Thomas said.
The annual race offers up a good view of Austin, with a course stretching from downtown to near Anderson Lane. Since it is one of the largest races in the county, it is a qualifier.
“There are pacers for Boston qualifying time,” James Allen said. “So three hours and 30 minutes is a Boston qualifying time. So anyone who has a goal of getting 3:30 in today’s race -- all they have to do is stay with us and they’ll get it.”
Last year’s winner finished the whole marathon in two hours and 20 minutes.
For this year’s half marathon, the winner crossed the finish line in just over an hour.
“I feel great,” half-marathon winner David Fuentes said. “My legs are getting a little bit sore but it’s expected with these kind of hills in Austin. But it’s a great day. Great course. Great fans. Everything is wonderful. I mean Austin -- you can’t beat it.”
Fuentes was not the only one celebrating. Elizabeth Edder came down from Fort Worth to win the women’s division.
“There’s a lot of hills,” Edder said. “The whole first three miles are pretty much uphill, and then there’s these terrible hills right around mile 10 and 11. But I’m most excited about beating Lance Armstrong!”