Airline passenger satisfaction at highest level since 2006


by Jane King


Posted on May 15, 2013 at 6:43 AM

Updated Wednesday, May 15 at 7:18 AM

Believe it or not, airline passengers appear to be getting happier!


JD Power says passenger satisfaction is at the highest level since 2006!  That's in spite of the record $6.1 billion dollars they collected in baggage and change fees in 2012.  Passengers who checked in on mobile apps, and spent their time onboard surfing the web, among the most satisfied!

In the meantime, there's bad news for East Coast homeowners and the insurance companies that cover them.

Accuweather is forecasting another above-average Atlantic hurricane season, with four of 16 tropical storms expected to develop into major hurricanes. Some regions still reeling from Superstorm Sandy which did $50 billion dollars in damage and killed at least 100 people.

The $3.49 BK Rib sandwich from Burger King, coming out May 21!

The LA Times says the boneless pork product with tangy sauce and sweet pickles is almost a carbon copy of Mcdonald's hard-to-find McRib sandwich.

And Taco Bell is trying to attract the breakfast crowd with an egg-stuffed waffle taco in Southern California.

The restaurant that's a longtime favorite of the late-night crowd, trying to attract more morning customers.  The chain plans to take the waffle taco national, if it catches on.



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