APD detective hasn't spoken on officer-involved shooting


by JESSICA HOLLOWAY / KVUE News & photojournalist Scott Mckenney


Posted on August 1, 2013 at 6:19 PM

Updated Thursday, Aug 1 at 10:23 PM

AUSTIN -- A group gathered outside Austin Police Headquarters to protest the Austin police chief Thursday.

Meanwhile, APD Chief Art Acevedo stands along his mother's bedside. A family emergency brought Acevedo to California.

Back home in Austin, an officer-involved shooting looms over the department and the city.

"We have to get it right. The stakes are too high and too important to this community," said Asstistant Chief Brian Manley.

Manley has stepped in while Acevedo is out of town. He wants to reassure citizens the department is thoroughly investigating Friday's officer-involved shooting that left 32-year-old Larry Eugene Jackson dead. 19-year veteran, Detective Charles Kleinert, is on restricted leave with pay.

"At the end of the day we just want to find out what happened during this incident," said Manley.

The department will investigate the case for any criminal wrong-doing. Investigators will test ballistics, to see how far away Detective Kleinert was when he fired his weapon. They'll test clothing for fingerprint DNA as well as look for signs of a struggle.

"There are several different policies we will look at in this incident. We will also conduct two investigations. One process is gathering that evidence for a potential criminal case. It's that same evidence we would also use for an administrative inquiry to determine if there were any violations of policies," said Manley.

It's still not clear what happened under the bridge, only Detective Kleinert knows what happened. He immediately asked for a lawyer and nearly a week after the shooting he has not given a formal statement to APD.

"We have to give the officer a 48 hour notice prior to taking a statement from him. When the officer is served a written notice there will be an administrative investigation, at that point, we can investigate that 48 hours later," said Manley.

KVUE News has learned both the witness at the bank and the driver who helped Detective Kleinert have been identified by APD.

"We want this completed within 45 days and we are dedicating whatever resources necessary to see to that," said Manley.