Study shows more seniors dating online


by Cathy Marshall


Posted on March 6, 2013 at 10:36 PM

When you think of someone using an online dating site, you might picture a 30 or 40-something mulling over matches.

A new study may alter that image.

Researchers at Bowling Green University found senior citizens to be the fastest-growing group using dating websites.

“They all want somebody that’s emotionally and financially stable,” said Brianna Luscomb, the owner of Pearl District Matchmaker.

She makes connections though interviews, videos and events but knows her clients are looking for many of the same qualities as those searching for companionship online.

“What I hear most often in this age group, is that they’re looking for someone active,” said Luscomb. “Many want to travel with someone.”

The research from the Ohio school shows senior surfers are marketing themselves differently than younger singles.

They post more realistic photos and use words like “young at heart” to indicate they’re physically fit and in good health.

“I think you’re more honest when you come into your later years, because you’ve accomplished what you’re going to and what you haven’t, you’ve made peace with,” said senior Charlotte Robinson who met her husband at Milwaukie’s Rose Villa retirement community.

Overall, the seniors looking for love online take a “don’t waste my time” approach to the process in hopes of finding a match quickly. There are plenty of options.

Mature Singles Only, Singles and Over 50 and Dating for Seniors are just a few of the sites available.

Results of the study from Bowling Green were recently presented at a Gerontology conference and could influence the way sites market to seniors in the future.

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