3-year old slips out of day care and into busy street


by KHOU Staff


Posted on October 27, 2012 at 10:35 AM

TEXAS CITY, Texas --  A Texas City father will be holding his son closer this weekend after the child was found wandering in the middle of a street.

The 3-year old boy attended a daycare in Texas City called the Rising Star Learning Center and somehow slipped out during playtime Friday morning.

A manager at a neighboring apartment complex, where the family lives, found him wandering in the middle of FM 2004.

“It’s absolutely scary,” Chad Pugh said. “Someone could have hit him, someone could have taken him, and no one would have ever known.”

Pugh believes his son Jasper was trying to follow the road home and is grateful the manager found him.

He said she contacted police and the daycare. She then called him when she realized the boy’s father lived in her complex.

Pugh said it was the building management, not the school, who first alerted him. He hopes his story can help other parents.

“I just wanted to have known that this could happen at a daycare,” he said. “I would have never thought my kid could get out.”

KHOU 11 News contacted Rising Star Learning Center, but no one would comment. Police said CPS has been called and that they will look into the matter.

There were no injuries.