Does It Work Wednesday: IT Cosmetics Tightline Mascara Primer

Does it Work Wednesday: Tightline Mascara

AUSTIN -- If you're crazy about makeup, you probably know about "tightlining," the process of applying liner in between lashes so it doesn't look like you're wearing makeup at all, but your eyes look defined.

Now one product says it's a game-changer in eye-lining technology.

Tightline Mascara Primer by IT Cosmetics is a product that claims you apply primer, mascara and eyeliner in one swoop, saving time and making your eyes look bigger.

Makeup artist Jennifer Cunningham is routinely transforms faces. She knows all about the tightlining technique.

"This is a technique that's preferred. I've seen [it used by] people who aren't into a huge makeup look, but just want to enhance their features," she said.

Cunningham tightlines one eye with her usual eyeliner and mascara before using Tightline Mascara on the other eye. For a more visible eyeliner effect she lightly and gently pressed the tightline slim wand along the root of her lashline, filling in the gaps between the lashes. It also contains a conditioning serum.

"You definitely have to make sure you're intentionally getting on that skin for the eyeliner affect," she said. "It defines and opens up my eyes better than a regular coat of mascara would."

Tightline is easy to apply, saves time and makes your eyes look great.

This product gets a thumbs up.


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