Cyril, Lucille and Stripes are still getting settled in a home that looks much different than the place they came from. Just a few days ago they were pulled off of slaughterhouse trucks.

"They're all adjusting really well," said their rescuer, Amy Stanton. She works for Addicus’ Legacy Dog Rescue in Austin.

The dogs were headed from Thailand to China, where it is legal to kill dogs for their meat.

"We're not making judgment calls about whether or not they're eating the dog meat,” said Stanton. “The issue is the torture and violence that goes into the process"

Animal activists say tens of thousands of dogs are tortured every year in meat markets, and they've released videos to prove it.

"They do things like boil them alive, they amputate limbs, they gouge their eyes out and they do all this while they're alive," Stanton explained.

Some say the belief is that the adrenaline the dog's release during the torture provides health benefits to the person who eats their meat.

"It literally just shook my world up," said Stanton. She told KVUE that when she saw the evidence of this torture, she had to step up. "We decided to rescue four dogs."

Through a website called

"A part of what they do is they have these people who can stop the dog smugglers in the middle of the night," said Stanton. The people then transport the dogs to rescuers for around $600.

"They arrived on Sunday night and got to Austin yesterday," Stanton said.

Stanton already has four dogs of her own, so now the goal now is getting these guys a good home.

"They're all pretty much ready for adoption," she said.

You can tell the dogs' worlds have already changed for the better, but "not only is it about just these four dogs, but it’s about telling the world what's going on."

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