Frugal Christmas Gifts: Make Your Own Bottle Cap Magnets & Memo Board

Frugal Christmas Gifts: Make Your Own Bottle Cap Magnets & Memo Board

Frugal Christmas Gifts: Make Your Own Bottle Cap Magnets & Memo Board




Posted on December 21, 2011 at 11:01 AM

Updated Wednesday, Dec 21 at 11:01 AM


Well, I have been posting frugal Christmas gifts like crazy this year. These gifts have inspired me to make a ton of different things mostly for myself but some for gifts too. This past week I was trying to think of something fun for our office staff. First, I had to make Pie in a Jar because...well, I just have to and that's that. Then, since we do a lot of Menu Planning around here, I thought it would be cute to post the recipe for Pie in a Jar on a dry erase board that they could use at home for a menu plan board.

Then, I decided the board needed magnets. While I was making my Dimensional Magic Jewelry the other day, I spotted bottle caps at Hobby Lobby which found their way to my house. I decided I could likely use the same stuff to make oh-so-cute bottle cap magnets too. As it turns out (amazingly enough), my plan actually worked. Here is the result of that:

{Bottle Cap Magnets & Memo Board}


Bottle Caps (Hobby Lobby $10 for 24)

Dimensional Magic Mod Podge (Michaels $5.99)

Martha Stewart Microbeads (Michaels $16.99...optional)

Decorative Brads (optional)

Scrapbook paper (.25 each at Michaels)

1 inch Circle Cutter ($5.99 at Hobby Lobby)

Round Magnets ($2 at Michaels)

Memo Board ($2.97 at Walmart)


1. I used a circle cut thing to cut out or punch out the perfect circles in the scrapbook paper. It is a pretty cheap piece of equipment, especially after coupons and is well worth picking up if you plan on making quite a few of these. I went through and punched out perfect circles on my scrapbook paper. Since I'm making a menu plan board, all of the paper I bought was food related.

If you don't want to use scrapbook paper, you could use photos or beads (see the Dimensional Magic Ring post). You can use the beads in the exact same way you make the jewelry I described earlier. I actually did both just to give it a little flair.

2. Place your paper in your bottle cap and pour over it a thin layer of Dimensional Magic. You can likely use regular Mod Podge or even glue but I had the dimensional magic on hand and I like the bubble-like seal it leaves behind.

3.  After these have dried (it will take a couple of hours) simply glue your magnet to the back and you're done. So easy! The crown magnet  in the picture above was from the Dimensional Magic Ring post and the crown itself was a brad that I placed on the beads.

I think these turned out super cute and only cost about $5 once you break it down. The beads are an investment but if you're going to make other things, they're awesome. I've made a ton of stuff with them and I still have enough left over to make more jewelry.