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Water Conservation

The 3Cs…Commit, Calculate and Conserve
Saving water is easier than you might think. Just know your 3Cs:
Decide to change a few habits, make some simple repairs, or upgrade an appliance or two. That’s all it takes to make a big difference in your water use.
Visit WaterWiseAustin.org and check out our online water calculator. Answer a few questions and the calculator will pinpoint some of the water wasters in your home. You will also get tips on easy ways to conserve.
Pledge to reduce your water use by 10 percent and you’re automatically entered in our 3C contest to win a water-efficient washer and matching dryer. But hurry, the contest deadline is September 1st.

If everyone in our area reduced their water use by 10%, we'd save over 13 million gallons of water per day! It’s up to us to help ensure safe, high-quality drinking water for the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about existing and new water conservation rebates and incentives below at www.WaterWiseAustin.org.
  • Landscape Conversion Incentive
    If you're tired of watering and mowing your lawn, it may be time to consider a landscape makeover. Austin Water has revamped our popular WaterWise Landscape rebate which offers cash back to customers who replace thirsty grass with native plants. The rebate also covers installing permeable hardscape (any area such as decomposed granite, gravel, paving stones, mulch, etc., that allows rain to penetrate into the soil but will not require any supplemental irrigation). The program requires a minimum 500 sq. ft. to be converted. Residential properties may receive $25 for every 100 sq.ft. converted from turf grass to native plant bed and permeable hardscape. The maximum rebate amount is $1,250 and applications will be accepted twice per year, December 1-March 31 for spring installations and June 1-to September 30 for fall installations. * Fall 2012 application deadline will be extended to October 19 THIS YEAR ONLY.
  • Rainwater Harvesting Rebates
    Austin Water has revamped its Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Program to make it easier to use. The program encourages the collection of rainwater for non-potable uses such as watering your lawn and garden. Rebate amounts are based on system capacity.
  • Irrigation Evaluations and Rebates
    Austin Water recently revised the irrigation upgrade rebate program to make participation easier than ever. Residential Austin Water and eligible wholesale customers no longer need an Austin Water performed irrigation evaluation prior to beginning any rebated work. So instead of just fixing your irrigation system, upgrade it! The rebate program is for existing irrigation systems only; rebates will not be given for new systems and/or expansions. A licensed irrigator or the homeowner must complete the work that will be rebated. Once the work is complete, submit the completed application and itemized receipts within 30 days. The application can be found online and will always contain up-to-date information about the program.
  • Other Programs Include:
  • WashWise Rebate (for clothes washers)
    Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV) Rebate
    Pool Cover rebate
    Commercial Process Evaluations
Austin Water is here to help you get the most out of your irrigation this summer with these FREE drought survival tools.
  • Free Soil Moisture Meters: Make the most of your outdoor watering with a free soil moisture meter from Austin Water. Available in ladybug and frog designs, these easy-to-read devices measure the relative moisture of your soils, which can help you decide when and where to apply supplemental water (allowed any day and time with a hand-held hose or
  • Free Treegators®: To help keep young trees healthy, Austin Water is offering free Treegators, which are slow release watering bags that evenly deliver water to a tree's roots without run-off or evaporation. Trees should be 2-3 inches in diameter (about the size of your wrist) with branches at least 25" from the ground.
  • Free Faucet Aerators and Showerheads: Shower and faucet use makes up about 30 percent of all water consumed inside the home, according to a 1999 American Water Works Association Research Foundation study. Austin Water residential customers may increase their homes' water savings by installing efficient showerheads and faucet aerators. Faucet aerators mix air with water to reduce the amount of water used without reducing water pressure. Austin Water offers bathroom aerators that use 1.0 gallon per minute and kitchen aerators that use 2.2 gallons per minute.
Pick up your soil moisture meter, Treegator, faucet aerator and showerhead (one each for Austin Water residential customers) between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, at 625 E. 10th Street, 1st floor Customer Service office.
Still want to do more?
Check-Out a Digital Garden Hose Meter
  • Austin Water has partnered with the Austin Public Library to offer digital garden hose water meters to Austin Public Library customers through the library check-out system. By attaching the digital hose meter to standard outdoor hoses, spray-nozzles, and outdoor faucets, you can monitor and control water use while irrigating your lawn, garden, and trees, washing your car, and more. The LCD screen shows you how much water you’re using, allowing you to save water by adjusting your habits.
For hose meter availability, search for "hose meter" in the Austin Public Library catalog, click here.

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