Prodigal pooch found a year after disappearing act

DEL VALLE, Texas -- A Del Valle, Texas couple with two dogs thought they saw something out of the corner of their eye one day about a month ago.

When Jason and April went outside to investigate they found a stray dog in their yard.

"It was really thirsty, maybe a little bit emaciated, but definitely thirsty, and it was covered in burrs and looked like it hadn't been taken care of in a little while," said Jason Ludwig.

Good Samaritans found a rabies tag on the dog and called authorities to find the rightful owners.

What they didn't know is that the dog named Sadie was from Leander, more than an hour away, and she had been missing from her owners there for a year.

"I'm in shock really you know I just couldn't believe that after all that time she is back with us," said Sherry Payne, the Leander owner of Sadie.

Jason and April shot home video of the reunion between Sadie and her owners which clearly shows a happy canine.

"It was sad because she's been such a big part of our lives and our family and it was sad she wasn't there and to be given a second chance, it was more than I could say. Tears of joy for sure," said a smiling Kaylee Payne.

The story of the prodigal pooch does not end there.

Friday, July 18 the same day KVUE interviewed Jason and April, another stray dog showed up to their house unannounced.

Jason gave him two baths to get rid of the fleas. He too has a rabies tag, but so far Jason nor April have been able to find his owners.

"Maybe there's a neon sign that only dogs can see that says, 'Stray dog hostel,'" added Jason.

The lesson is don't give up if you're the person who lost your dog. Dogs are pretty tenacious animals, and if they can they'll try to find their way home -- even if they have a little help.


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