7 cheeseburger facts you probably didn't know about

AUSTIN - Happy National Cheeseburger Day meat lovers, today is all about you!


It's no secret that most Americans really love their burgers and are probably shoving their faces in the savory delicacy right now. But, how much do you know about the history of one of the country's oldest household sandwich staples?

If you're rusty on your burger trivia, don't worry. We compiled a list of seven facts to help get you up to speed.

  1. Though the hamburger is credited with being created in Hamburg, Germany, many theories point to the cheeseburger originating in the United States. In 1935, Louis Ballast of Denver, Colo. trademarked the name "cheeseburger" and included it on the menu at Humpty Dumpty Drive-In.
  2. The oldest burger chain in America isn't McDonald's; it's actually White Castle which was created in 1921. Back in the old days, you could get your hands on a slider for five cents.
  3. Texans get ready to take your bragging rights. According to statistics from 2014, Whataburger is one of the 10 most popular burger restaurants in the country.
  4. California has the most burger restaurants in the country with 6,104. Texas isn't too far behind - taking the second spot - with 5,553.
  5. On average Americans eat approximately three burgers a week or as a country 50 billion burgers a year.
  6. McDonald's takes the cake for the largest burger chain. Apparently, they control nearly 35 percent of the burger fast food market.
  7. The biggest cheeseburger ever made weighed a ton - literally. The hefty meat, weighing in at 2,014 pounds, was cooked in a special oven at a Minnesota casino in 2012.

Now that you've hopefully learned something new, feast your eyes on these mouth-watering tweets from people who love burgers just as much as you:

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