LBJ Library visitors remember JFK's death


by QUITA CULPEPPER / KVUE News and photojournalist SCOTT MCKENNEY

Posted on November 22, 2013 at 6:33 PM

Updated Friday, Nov 22 at 6:40 PM

AUSTIN -- November 22 was a somber day across the nation as many commemorated the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

At the LBJ Library and Museum in Austin, the anniversary did not go unnoticed.

On a rainy afternoon people from across the nation visited the LBJ Library. Some of them will remember the early 1960s -- a turbulent and exciting time in the nation when music was changing, civil rights was on the front burner and the nation mourned the loss of a president.

A permanent exhibit inside the museum shows what happened in the moments before and after President Kennedy's assassination and when Lyndon Baines Johnson took the oath of office.

Many who visited Friday remember their own feelings of shock and loss.

“Our country was forever changed by what took place at that moment,” said Karen Lindsay. “I was in seventh grade, 13 years old, and it's forever etched in the memory of my heart and my soul. it seemed like the time stood still as we all tried to take in what had taken place in Dallas.”

“I'm old enough to remember where I was, and what happened, and the moment it happened in '63,” said Duncan Wilson. He was living in England on a U.S. Air Force Base. He was playing Bingo at a youth center when the announcement was made.

“Seeing all the adults cry, I remember that,” Wilson said.

“I was a senior in high school, and I was in history class,” said Brenda Clampitt. “The vulnerability of it, and of life, and he was a leader, and he was admired and that such a tragic thing could happen it was just such a shock.”

Elisabeth Rosen was a child in France when she heard the president had been killed.

“My parents were listening to the news, and then I saw their face, a shock on their face,” she said. “I remember the following days people even in Europe talking about it. It had a huge impact. I think the last time I had a strong feeling like that after he was, I was living in the states, and it was September 11th.”

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