Storm victim: 'The whole house was shaking'



Posted on January 12, 2012 at 10:23 AM

ELLENBORO, N.C. -- Residents in the small Rutherford County town of Ellenboro are happy to still be standing after a potentially deadly storm swept through the area Wednesday night.

One woman who has lived with her husband in the same house for 50 years had the roof of a nearby home come crashing into her front yard.

"It felt like the whole house was shaking, and all at once you could hear stuff just breaking apart and tearing up.  It was frightening," said homeowner Mary Jane Hollifield.  "I didn't have time to wonder (if I was going to make it)."

Hollifield had just finished eating dinner and was cleaning up when she heard something loud outside. She didn't have time to get into her basement, but she did find shelter in the hallway. 

"When it was over, I yelled to my husband, 'are you OK,' he said yes and I said, 'praise the lord we're OK.'"

Her home was covered by the roof of another building that crashed into her front porch.

Not far from her home, 22-year-old Brooks Medford also had a storm story.  He got a phone call that his grandmother was trapped under a wall in her home. 

When he got to her house, he thought she'd be dead.  She wasn't.  With the help of rescue workers, Brooks was able to pull his grandmother to safety. 

Emergency crews didn't allow people near the damage, but they expect to open roads on Thursday. 

Ten people were injured in the Rutherford County town, but EMS says there were no fatalities.

It will take daylight Thursday and hours of combing through the wreckage to determine just how much damage was caused by the storm.

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