Nelson carries on music legacy with Austin SiriusXM radio station


by MORGAN CHESKY / KVUE News and photojournalist JUSTIN TERRY / Editor ROB DIAZ

Posted on October 11, 2012 at 7:24 AM

Updated Thursday, Oct 11 at 7:24 AM

AUSTIN -- It's a place that's been called a lot of things: Eclectic yet traditional, and of course just plain 'weird.'  All are true but sometimes it's tough to explain what makes Austin, Austin.

Lucky for us, that job falls on Dallas Wayne.

You won't hear any pop tunes from Wayne's radio studio lair. The music he plays is vintage cowboy, just like the man the SiriusXM station Willie's Roadhouse is named after.

"[Willie Nelson] has excellent taste in music if you haven't heard," said Wayne.

Converting those who haven't heard this falls on Wayne. A lifelong musician turned radio host, his office is a studio that hasn't even officially opened. It is nestled next to ACL Live at the Moody Theater.

"The traditional country music, the Bob Wills, the Hank Williams, those kind of folks are not being played on the radio anymore, anywhere in the country," said Wayne.

The Outlaw Country and Willie's Roadhouse stations are changing that. They are broadcasting worldwide online.

When it comes to the new studio Nelson is just as serious about it as his music, even bringing a little piece of his past along for the ride.

The bar came from the original Willie's Place studio in Carl's Corner, Texas. The booze may be long gone but visiting artists will still sit at the same truck stop bar.

"Anybody that comes by and comes through as a touring artist, come on by, drop by and say 'howdy,' and we'll have fun," said Wayne. 

It may not be the music of Austin, but still the concept captures the city - a place that embraces the past but isn't afraid to look to the future.

The studio is set to have its grand opening this Friday. Helping Wayne with a special broadcast will be Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell and the Red Headed Stranger himself.