Trump vs. Cuban: Billionaires duke it out on Twitter

Trump vs. Cuban

Credit: Getty Images

Donald Trump and Mark Cuban engaged in a bitter Twitter war on Monday.




Posted on November 6, 2012 at 9:41 AM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 6 at 10:37 AM

A billionaire battle between Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and casino magnate Donald Trump exploded into a Twitter war on Monday.

Last week, Cuban offered Trump $1 million to the charity of his choice if he shaved his head.

On Monday, Trump told his Twitter followers that "Dummy @mcuban is at it again trying to use me to get publicity for himself!"

When Cuban challenged Trump to match his own $1 million to the victims of Superstorm Sandy, Trump fired back.

"Only 1 mill. dollars @mcuban? Offer me real money and I’d consider it. Your team and networks lose so much money I doubt you have much left!" the Donald tweeted. "When Apprentice became the #1 show on tv you tried copying me with The Benefactor- a complete and total ratings disaster for @ABC."

Cuban replied: "Have you seen #SharkTank ratings vs yr show ? But hey , feel free to live in the past :) ... Your command of TV facts is right up there with your command of political facts.."