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UPDATE: Which sunscreens are best?

UPDATE: Which sunscreens are best?

The Environmental Working Group named this one of the best sunscreens in 2009. I found it at ShopOrganic.com selling for around $7.


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Posted on May 27, 2010 at 3:28 PM

Updated Thursday, May 27 at 9:32 PM

UPDATE: I posted this blog a few weeks ago, but today the Environmental Working Group just came out with its 2010 list. You can find the update here. Only 39 sunscreens earn the top rating for safety and effectiveness.

Here's my previous blog:

Growing up my mom always made sure I wore sunscreen. So it’s a habit I’ve maintained, which is a good thing since I love being outside and hanging out by the pool this time of year. 

But it’s got me thinking a lot about sunscreen lately. So I went back to a blog I did a while back that looked at the Environmental Working Group’s study on sunscreen. It found some pretty disturbing things.

  • 74 sunscreens with SPFs from 55-100+ might tempt you to stay out longer in the sun, but they block just 1-2% more sunburn rays than an SPF 30 sunscreen.
  • Hundreds of all-day moisturizers advertise SPF protection, but 1 in 5 offers little protection from harmful UVA rays. Some break down well before the day's end. A surprising new government report attributes an increasing incidence of malignant melanoma among people who work indoors to UVA rays shining through windows onto unprotected skin.
  • Lip cancer is most common on the bottom lip where sun exposure is most direct. Two of 5 lip balms offer poor UVA protection.

Want to check out the sunscreen you currently use? Go here and type in the name.

Or go here to find the list of the best sunscreens according to the EWG researchers. I'd never heard of most of the very top brands but you can buy many of them online. See the pictures attached to this story.

You can also find some information on makeup with sunscreen and daily moisturizers with sunscreen.

A 2010 update is expected out soon. In the meantime you may find the information here helpful in deciding what you should use out in the sun.