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Proposal to change crib standards and 82,000 cribs recalled

Proposal to change crib standards and 82,000 cribs recalled

Pottery Barn crib recall

by Terri Gruca

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Posted on July 14, 2010 at 11:09 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 14 at 11:13 PM

The Consumer Product Safety Commission just proposed new crib standards. This is not the final deal but it gives you an idea of some of the changes you’ll likely see.

Among them – prohibiting traditional drop side cribs.

The changes also include a few new tests:

  • The one modification that CPSC is proposing to the ASTM full-size crib standard would require cribs to be tested without the re-tightening of screws between tests in order to ensure that the tests reflect the lifetime use of the crib.
  • Non-full-size cribs would need to meet certain requirements that apply to full-size cribs, such as the mattress support performance requirement, the side-impact test, and the order in which performance tests are to be done, applicable to non-full-size cribs so that the new standard for non-full-size cribs is more stringent. The proposal also would restore movable side latch tests to the non-full-size crib standard and would clarify that the proposal does not extend to play yards.

In the last five years the CPSC has recalled more than 7 million drop-side cribs due to suffocation and strangulation hazards in 11 separate recalls. It expects to finalize these new crib standards sometime this year.

Pottery Barn is among the latest to recall 82,000 drop-side cribs.

Like many of the other recalled cribs these have problems that can lead to entrapments or suffocation.

The CPSC and Pottery Barn Kids have received 36 reports of drop sides that have malfunctioned or detached, resulting in seven minor injuries when children fell out of the cribs or got their legs caught between the mattress and the drop side. One child became entrapped at the head between the drop side and crib mattress but was freed without injury.

The cribs were sold in Pottery Barn stores and online from January 1999 to March 2010.

If you have one of these you should stop using them and see if the hardware is broken. Then contact Pottery Barn at 877-804-3847 between 7am and midnight to receive a free fixed-gate conversion kit that will immobilize the drop side.

You can also find more information here.